2014 KDA Sales to be Donated to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation!

Help me Keep the Dream Alive for Thousands of Kids in Dozens of Schools Across the U.S. This Year.

Check it out – I received the physical copies of my CD this week! Here I am with a copy in my delighted, sweaty little paws in this “teaser” video I made!

So here’s the deal. I’ve been looking for the right music-focused charity to donate the income from sales of the record to, and I’ve settled on the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. “Every year, an average of 10,000 young people across the country benefit from The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation Programs. Students who can’t afford to rent an instrument and kids on waiting lists are given an opportunity to play quality instruments which improves their experience and inspires them to accomplish more and more.”


It’s going to take a week or so before the CD is for sale (in physical or MP3 format) on CD Baby, and then a few more weeks after that before it’s available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and other sites.

I sure am grateful that I’ve had to opportunity (and the cash) to produce a professionally recorded collection of my original songs, and I am even more grateful that the proceeds from sales of my music will go to help kids here in the U.S. who want to learn about music. Thank you in advance for playing a part in keeping the dream alive!


2014 KDA Sales to be Donated to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation!

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