A Review of “Keeping the Dream Alive”

Much thanks to my cousin, writer Patrick Walsh, for his article, “Doing the Math: A Review of Keeping the Dream Alive“.

Patrick is an accomplished writer, having authored Spaceflight: A Historical Encyclopedia (2010) and Echoes Among the Stars (2000) along with countless shorter pieces in print and digital media over several decades. He is also an avid music fan, having written pieces for the Hudson Valley’s “More Sugar“, and other publications. It’s certainly a privilege to have someone as qualified as Patrick write a review of my music (and a favorable one at that)!


Here’s a couple brief excerpts from the review:

    “In many cases, the common denominator will be pretty simple: the music that sticks around is the music that sounds best. And in the case of Keeping the Dream Alive, it’s the distinctive nature of the sound that gives this collection of bluesy, driving roots rock its unique character.”

    “In each particular expression of its overall themes, and particularly in the careful crafting of the distinctive sound of the recordings as a whole, this long-awaited collection is every bit the compendium of musical styles and technical skill that fans have come to expect, and to cherish, from this excellent singer songwriter. It is music well worth having, and quick to join your short list of favorite recordings.”

I have to say I am certainly flattered to have Bob Dylan mentioned in a review of my new record! How cool is that?

I hope you’ll stop by and check out the full review (and buy the record if you haven’t already 🙂 ). Remember, all 2014 sales will go to the worthy Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, to help students keep their musical dreams alive!



A Review of “Keeping the Dream Alive”

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