Every Day She’s Gone

In one episode of Lost, after Claire has been lost in the woods for days, Charlie says, “Every day she’s gone, it’s like a little of me crumbles away …”. Well that was all it took to set these lyrics to writing themselves in my head.

When I first recorded Every Day She’s Gone in 2013, I ended up rushing it a bit. As I came close to finishing and releasing Keeping the Dream Alive in 2014, I knew I had to revisit it and improve some of the weak spots. I re-recorded the backing vocals, cut out a few parts, and had it re-mixed by Stephen Sherrard of DBAR Productions. Much better! And much thanks again to my friend Steve Pidel for his excellent guitar work throughout – it was a real privilege to “produce” Steve as we worked on this together.

Over the last few weeks I revisited the original video and tweaked it to match the remix, and to improve it. This video was fun – I purposely used mostly original images of nature that my wife and son and I had taken in recent years. I focused on images that reflected a feeling of isolation, and being “cold and alone”. I hope you find it interesting!

Lotto Dust – The Video!

Kicking off 2015 with the release of this sweet new video for Lotto Dust …

My philosophy when it comes to my music, as well as other areas of my life, is to strive for continuous improvement. Just try and be a bit better today than you were yesterday, and you’ll keep moving forward.

Of course, that means you have to find/make the time for it, which is pretty challenging when you have a pretty intense ‘career and a half’ (as so many of us do these days), and you’re a Dad and a husband to boot. Thankfully, I do manage to find some time to play, write and create – I have to – it’s part of what I am, but I never feel it’s quite enough.

As a little bit of a late bloomer to music who has found it challenging to find the time required to keep improving, I’ve often felt it’s been a struggle to earn some, well … musical respect, I guess. Lotto Dust is a really satisfying moment because I feel like I kind of hit my stride here. I wrote and recorded all of the parts, except the amazing backing vocals … thanks so much to Rachel at Studio Pros for those! Of all of the songs on KTDA, I think Lotto Dust best represents the catalog of songs I have written but have not yet recorded.

I think this video also marks a nice step forward. I used the comic strip application Pixton to create Willy and to illustrate much of the story that is Lotto Dust. I also used only Creative Commons licensed images that have been published with the intent to permit sharing and re-use.

I hope you’ll go ahead and scroll up and click now if you haven’t already, and check out the story of Willy and Lotto Dust …

If you don’t own Lotto Dust or your other favorites from Keeping the Dream Alive, well then you’re sure to want to click here and buy them. Go ahead. I’ll wait. :).


K. Walsh Live! Days Gone By (Original)

This song goes out to all of the awesome friends that I used to hang out with in the late 70’s and early 80’s, playing frisbee at the Croton Dam, camping out on top of “Anthony’s Nose”, chilling around the fire in the pine woods, and just having an amazing time.

“Time was when we’d carry on all night long, howl at the moon ’til the dawn of day …”. Man, its been a long time. You guys are always right here in my heart, head, and soul.

I think this live version (with the end arranged on-the-fly) came out pretty good!

I’m really looking forward to recording this song. I wrote the lyrics decades ago, came up with the melody many years later, and then gradually worked on the arrangement, which is still taking shape.


A Review of “Keeping the Dream Alive”

Much thanks to my cousin, writer Patrick Walsh, for his article, “Doing the Math: A Review of Keeping the Dream Alive“.

Patrick is an accomplished writer, having authored Spaceflight: A Historical Encyclopedia (2010) and Echoes Among the Stars (2000) along with countless shorter pieces in print and digital media over several decades. He is also an avid music fan, having written pieces for the Hudson Valley’s “More Sugar“, and other publications. It’s certainly a privilege to have someone as qualified as Patrick write a review of my music (and a favorable one at that)!


Here’s a couple brief excerpts from the review:

    “In many cases, the common denominator will be pretty simple: the music that sticks around is the music that sounds best. And in the case of Keeping the Dream Alive, it’s the distinctive nature of the sound that gives this collection of bluesy, driving roots rock its unique character.”

    “In each particular expression of its overall themes, and particularly in the careful crafting of the distinctive sound of the recordings as a whole, this long-awaited collection is every bit the compendium of musical styles and technical skill that fans have come to expect, and to cherish, from this excellent singer songwriter. It is music well worth having, and quick to join your short list of favorite recordings.”

I have to say I am certainly flattered to have Bob Dylan mentioned in a review of my new record! How cool is that?

I hope you’ll stop by and check out the full review (and buy the record if you haven’t already 🙂 ). Remember, all 2014 sales will go to the worthy Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, to help students keep their musical dreams alive!



The Story Behind ‘Lotto Dust’ (in memory of WPDH DJ Mark Cooper)

“How do you come up with the ideas for your songs?”

People often enjoy hearing the origination of a song idea. What are the lyrics about? How did you write the melody? Which came first?

Here’s the story behind the muse that bought me of one of my favorites. Of the five songs on Keeping the Dream Alive, Lotto Dust has received the most praise, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. But it never would have happened without a passing but captivating comment one morning from “Coop”.

This month will mark one year since the sudden passing of Mark Cooper, long time WPDH DJ. I still miss that raspy voice and his knowledgeable and often impassioned on-air musings each morning. In addition to his unique sound, and the simple fact that he was a comfortable, dependable part of my daily life as a Dutchess County resident since the 90’s, there is something else that will always keep the memory of “Coop” close to my heart. Lotto Dust.

WPDH DJ MarkCooper

So what’s the connection between Coop and Lotto Dust? Well, one morning, as I often did on the drive to work, I was listening to Coop and whoever he was partnered with at the time (it was early January of 2012 and I honestly don’t remember – it often changed over the years). They were discussing Lotto scratch-off tickets and the hard core players who habitually bought sets of tickets and would hang out at the deli where they bought them and sit around and scratch away.

Anyone who has ever scratched off a few lotto tickets knows they leave behind a pile of crumbled rubbery stuff, sort of like what’s left behind when you use a pencil eraser, only darker. Coop referred to this stuff as “lotto dust”. Bang! A song was born. Well it’s rarely that quick, but that phrase stuck in my cranium like gum in your hair. With those two words bouncing around my brain like a pinball in an arcade game over the following week or so, the story emerged of poor Willy and his weakness for throwing his hard earned money away on a chance and a dream.

As for how those two words led to this specific story, well I guess that’s almost as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. The genesis isn’t too hard to relate … the word ‘Dust’ certainly lends itself to some sort of sad outcome (you know, like “dust to dust” or Dust in the Wind). As for Lotto, well that sort of filled in the other side of a simple equation … how might lotto tickets lead to a sad ending? The story just kind of wrote itself from there.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in song writing is when things just come to you and flow naturally. The lyrics to Lotto Dust did just that. It was written with very little effort. The muse came, worked its magic, and left. In fact, it left me with a solid set of lyrics in (very) short story form, but with no music! That certainly happens from time to time. With this song, the words came first, and the melody followed later when the musical Gods decided it was time.

The Journey from Lyrics to Living, Breathing Song

A few months after writing the story for Lotto Dust, I was sitting around having some fun with Nat King Cole’s classic L-O-V-E. Believe it or not, that was the inspiration for the chord structure and melody for Lotto Dust. It was another one of those wonderful moments – something just clicked in my head and I started down-strumming the Dm7 – Am7 chords and singing the opening lyrics to Lotto Dust. It didn’t take long from there for the basic chord structure of the whole song to evolve.

While recording the song, there were a lot more fun moments, like when I got the basic idea for the bass line. As I developed and record it I started to feel like Lotto Dust was going to be something special. Some time later, as I was still working on the song, I was also taking a course on recording with Award Winning Producer Gary Gray and I submitted this work-in-progress to him as part of the online course work. When we had a video call to discuss it, he just loved the bass line and the sound I got from the instrument and amp combination (this was very flattering – Gary knows his stuff!). I think he was rather surprised to learn that it was recorded with an very inexpensive Fender bass copy and a digital amp setting I found in the Reason recording software I use! We’re talking about $750 worth of equipment (not including the computer I was running the software on, which is just a typical desktop PC running Windows 8).

You don’t have to spend a ton to record professional sounding music, you just need time, patience, some talent, decent gear, and access to some affordable professional services to round it out.

As I worked through the lead, I got chills up my spine – it was really all coming together.

The Final Touches

I don’t recall specifically when it came to me that getting a professional female vocalist to add backing vocals could really push it over the top, but I sure am glad it did. I had been working with Studio Pros out of Los Angeles for a year or so, using their excellent musicians and engineers to bring professional polish to various tracks. I popped over to their web site and listened to their available female vocalists and Rachel struck me as the right one for the job. When I got her tracks back I could not have been happier! I encouraged her to just do what she thought was right and she recorded these gorgeous soulful three part harmonies in all the right places.

The ultimate final touch to Lotto Dust was the excellent mix and mastering by Stephen Sheppard of DBAR Productions. I was so pleased to find and work with Stephen on three of the songs on Keeping the Dream Alive. I look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come.

And that’s the story of Lotto Dust. Check out a sample here on Amazon.com and once you decide you like it, go ahead and buy the full record (it’s available here on iTunes too!). If you want it in good old physical format, you can buy that here on CD Baby. Remember, all sales of Keeping the Dream Alive in 2014 will be donated to the Mr. Holland’s Opus foundation to support young music students, so your $$ goes to an awesome cause, and buys you some great original music.

Rest in Peace, Coop. I know I’m not the only one who is grateful for the inspiration, and all of the fun, charm, music, and love you bought to so many listeners for so many years.

The First Review of KDA is in – “Excellent Production” and 5 Stars!

Much thanks to “Dignity01” for a great review of Keeping the Dream Alive on Amazon.com (click here and scroll down to check it out).

Keeping the Dream Alive K. Walsh Amazon Review

Here’s a few highlights:

  • “The first thing you’re likely to notice about this long-awaited collection of songs from K Walsh is just how good it sounds.”
  • Lotto Dust: a straight blues line with lyrics about the power of dreams gone wrong. Highlights the strong production values with the artist’s lead vocal augmented by warm backup vocals.
  • Keeping the Dream Alive: a terrific upbeat instrumental, with elements of classic and progressive rock.”
  • Aloft: a truly ascendent instrumental. Just absolutely beautiful, airy and uplifting.”

The reviews closes by calling the record, “A terrific effort from start to finish.” Click on over and check out the samples to get a taste for yourself!

And remember – all 2014 sales of Keeping the Dream Alive will be donated to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to help schools with solid music programs replace aging instruments. Do you part to keep the dream alive for students in our school’s music programs while enjoying a terrific warm, funky, and beautiful effort!



Keeping the Dream Alive is now Available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby

My new EP is Officially Launched Everywhere!

After years of work, my CD is finally for sale on major outlets like iTunes and Amazon. For us old schoolers who still like physical CDs, the CD can be purchased from CD Baby.

All of these outlets provide previews, so be sure to click over and give the different songs a listen. There’s something for everyone here, with roots rockers and blues rock, the funk rock instrumental title cut and a jazzy guitar and flute instrumental.

And remember, all 2014 sales are going to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to support good music programs in our schools that are struggling to provide good instruments to young students interested in music. Help to keep the dream alive for them!


Buy the physical CD or the MP3 version from CD Baby here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kwalsh8


Click here to buy K. Walsh music from iTunes


Buy Keeping the Dream Alive in MP3 format on Amazon.com


Thanks everyone! And remember, I’m looking for comments to share in reviews, so please take a moment and share your positive feedback in a comment!



2014 KDA Sales to be Donated to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation!

Help me Keep the Dream Alive for Thousands of Kids in Dozens of Schools Across the U.S. This Year.

Check it out – I received the physical copies of my CD this week! Here I am with a copy in my delighted, sweaty little paws in this “teaser” video I made!

So here’s the deal. I’ve been looking for the right music-focused charity to donate the income from sales of the record to, and I’ve settled on the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. “Every year, an average of 10,000 young people across the country benefit from The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation Programs. Students who can’t afford to rent an instrument and kids on waiting lists are given an opportunity to play quality instruments which improves their experience and inspires them to accomplish more and more.”


It’s going to take a week or so before the CD is for sale (in physical or MP3 format) on CD Baby, and then a few more weeks after that before it’s available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and other sites.

I sure am grateful that I’ve had to opportunity (and the cash) to produce a professionally recorded collection of my original songs, and I am even more grateful that the proceeds from sales of my music will go to help kids here in the U.S. who want to learn about music. Thank you in advance for playing a part in keeping the dream alive!