Going ALL IN as a musician in 2023!

That’s right. I am going ALL IN as a musician in 2023! and I’d be so grateful for your ears and your feedback. Hey friends! Those of you who have known me long have seen and heard me throw a lot of amateur but fun music out on YouTube and other social media over the last 20+ years. It’s been a long, slow but steady ride as I have always worked to keep the dream alive and keep upping my game. Well, I’m ready to “go pro”! I have a bunch of awesome songs coming out this year, starting with[…]

Moving Into an Incredible New Phase in my Musical Journey!

I am so excited to share this! Over the last two years, my life as a musician with a simple goal (producing a full length album) has taken an incredible path, raising my composing, recording, and mixing abilities to truly professional levels. Not only am I collaborating with brilliant musicians from all across the world, I am also being taught by an amazing mentor and having my songs produced by world-class producers!  How it all started… Back in 2013 and 2014 as I was working on recording and producing my first EP, Keeping the Dream Alive, I stumbled across a[…]

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