Every Day She’s Gone

In one episode of Lost, after Claire has been lost in the woods for days, Charlie says, “Every day she’s gone, it’s like a little of me crumbles away …”. Well that was all it took to set these lyrics to writing themselves in my head.

When I first recorded Every Day She’s Gone in 2013, I ended up rushing it a bit. As I came close to finishing and releasing Keeping the Dream Alive in 2014, I knew I had to revisit it and improve some of the weak spots. I re-recorded the backing vocals, cut out a few parts, and had it re-mixed by Stephen Sherrard of DBAR Productions. Much better! And much thanks again to my friend Steve Pidel for his excellent guitar work throughout – it was a real privilege to “produce” Steve as we worked on this together.

Over the last few weeks I revisited the original video and tweaked it to match the remix, and to improve it. This video was fun – I purposely used mostly original images of nature that my wife and son and I had taken in recent years. I focused on images that reflected a feeling of isolation, and being “cold and alone”. I hope you find it interesting!

Every Day She’s Gone

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