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Going ALL IN as a musician in 2023!

That’s right. I am going ALL IN as a musician in 2023! and I’d be so grateful for your ears and your feedback.

Hey friends! Those of you who have known me long have seen and heard me throw a lot of amateur but fun music out on YouTube and other social media over the last 20+ years. It’s been a long, slow but steady ride as I have always worked to keep the dream alive and keep upping my game. Well, I’m ready to “go pro”!

I have a bunch of awesome songs coming out this year, starting with my new rocking-and-rolling-and-guitar-leads-wailing song Honest Abe that recently debuted (on Feb. 12 – Abe’s birthday)!

I’m also working with a major league producer now: Gary Gray recorded the music for Disney’s new Little Mermaid live action movie which is coming out this year (with updates on the original animated movie’s songs, plus some work on new material from the amazing Alan Menken), and he has many other impressive accolades! Gary is a true “sculptor of sound”, mentored by the likes of Chick Corea, Quincy Jones, and Phil Collins (to drop a few names, lol), and he is an amazing mentor and friend that I am thrilled and honored to be working with.

I know, I’m not some youngin’ “trying to make it”, but I am a musician who is writing and sharing some amazing music and who intends to find some licensing opportunities (that’s a whole other story).

What can I say? I’m a (very) late bloomer!

I hope you’ll give my new music a shot when you see it come across your screen! Follow me on your preferred social media. I’m on Facebook (facebook.com/kwalshmusic), YouTube (youtube.com/@kwalshmusic), Instagram (instagram.com/kwalshmusic), and TikTok (tiktok.com/@kwalshmusic).

I’ll be adding link to my music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other popular platforms as my songs are released over the coming weeks and months. Thanks so much for your support!

See ya soon!

Wishing everyone Love and Amazing Music!

Going ALL IN as a musician in 2023!

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