K. Walsh Live! Days Gone By (Original)

This song goes out to all of the awesome friends that I used to hang out with in the late 70’s and early 80’s, playing frisbee at the Croton Dam, camping out on top of “Anthony’s Nose”, chilling around the fire in the pine woods, and just having an amazing time.

“Time was when we’d carry on all night long, howl at the moon ’til the dawn of day …”. Man, its been a long time. You guys are always right here in my heart, head, and soul.

I think this live version (with the end arranged on-the-fly) came out pretty good!

I’m really looking forward to recording this song. I wrote the lyrics decades ago, came up with the melody many years later, and then gradually worked on the arrangement, which is still taking shape.

K. Walsh Live! Days Gone By (Original)

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