Keeping the Dream Alive – The Art Work

A collection of songs is all well and good, but you can’t make a good old fashioned CD without artwork! Even today’s digital downloads come with cover imagery.

Don’t you just love a good album cover? Mine may not be Roger Dean but you know what, it’s mine! I think the logo in particular is pretty cool. I love what my son Dylan did with the back cover, bringing the ‘organic’ feel of the stone wall imagery to my collection of mostly “roots rock” songs.

The cover of Keeping the Dream Alive was created by Glenn Cotler, using an image I grabbed from the video for Hurtin’ Up My Heart. My son Dylan put the final touches on it using by making the logo pop with a 3D effect, and giving the title more character. Both of these artistic talents used Photoshop for their work. (Double click the pics for a larger hi def view).

KDA Front Cover

The back cover was created by Dylan, collaborating with me along the way. The lad’s got some graphic design talent, right?

Back Cover

The final piece we need to be ready to send the whole shebang off to CD Baby for professional reproduction is the CD label itself, which nears completion as I write this!

Thanks Dylan and Glenn for your talent and your work (and your patience working with me to get these images to where I was ready to use them). Next stop, the release of the record!


Keeping the Dream Alive – The Art Work

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