Let’s Go Baby! Time to get my Music on!

Well folks – here we are! After decades of plinkin’ and a-pluckin’ and caterwauling down in my basement and in my car as I drove to work … at long last I’m just about ready to unleash my music on the world. My first professionally recorded collection of original music is a 5 song EP titled “Keeping the Dream Alive” (yeah, Ed … I can’t help but think of you every time I say, hear, or write it!).

KDA is mastered and ready to be delivered to CD Baby for manufacturing and for digital distribution as soon as my son Dylan and I complete the back cover and CD label design (the front cover is ready to roll, much thanks to friend Glenn Cotler, artist extraordinaire!).

I’ve put up this web site to start documenting my work “for the ages” (nyuk, nyuk) and to provide access and promotion. I’m going to share some of the story behind the journey that got me here. Naturally, as I finish new material, I’ll be sharing that here too (and some day in the next few weeks I’ll announce the availability of Keeping the Dream Alive!). I hope friends, family, and other fans will enjoy the stories and find pleasure in the music.

Over time I look forward to this site being a place to share my music, to hopefully hear from some of you, and maybe even do cool things like webcast live performances!

Here’s the cover of the new record (click the image for a higher res look!).

KDA Front Cover

Please click through to My Very First Self Produced Original Song – Antigua (come to de Islands …) to read more!

Let’s Go Baby! Time to get my Music on!

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