Lotto Dust – The Video!

Kicking off 2015 with the release of this sweet new video for Lotto Dust …

My philosophy when it comes to my music, as well as other areas of my life, is to strive for continuous improvement. Just try and be a bit better today than you were yesterday, and you’ll keep moving forward.

Of course, that means you have to find/make the time for it, which is pretty challenging when you have a pretty intense ‘career and a half’ (as so many of us do these days), and you’re a Dad and a husband to boot. Thankfully, I do manage to find some time to play, write and create – I have to – it’s part of what I am, but I never feel it’s quite enough.

As a little bit of a late bloomer to music who has found it challenging to find the time required to keep improving, I’ve often felt it’s been a struggle to earn some, well … musical respect, I guess. Lotto Dust is a really satisfying moment because I feel like I kind of hit my stride here. I wrote and recorded all of the parts, except the amazing backing vocals … thanks so much to Rachel at Studio Pros for those! Of all of the songs on KTDA, I think Lotto Dust best represents the catalog of songs I have written but have not yet recorded.

I think this video also marks a nice step forward. I used the comic strip application Pixton to create Willy and to illustrate much of the story that is Lotto Dust. I also used only Creative Commons licensed images that have been published with the intent to permit sharing and re-use.

I hope you’ll go ahead and scroll up and click now if you haven’t already, and check out the story of Willy and Lotto Dust …

If you don’t own Lotto Dust or your other favorites from Keeping the Dream Alive, well then you’re sure to want to click here and buy them. Go ahead. I’ll wait. :).


Lotto Dust – The Video!

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