My Blue Eyed Girl (and Continuous Improvement)

So, the years rolled by, and our third child was born – a daughter! My little girl Jordan was the inspiration for the song I am sharing here.

In 2007 we were in the fortunate position of being able to build an extension on our house, and in the process I built a studio in what used to be our garage. After a decade on hiatus from recording, I was back in action! I bought a Korg D3200 recording console and got busy.

The key to getting to the point where the recordings I was making would become professional quality was continuous improvement – a mantra I try to live by. With the new recording equipment and a dedicated space for working, I was off to a good start, but there was plenty more to learn. A coworker helped me get smarter about mics and I bought a good quality Shure Condenser mic.

The next big step was to try professional mixing, which was now more affordable than ever thanks to evolving Internet technology and the advent of services like – a full service professional recording studio that was online! For very affordable prices, musicians can get instrument tracks, professional mixing and mastering, and other services, transferring files digitally as needed. This was pretty amazing – a decade prior it took a lot of money and a lot of time to do what you could now do in practically no time from the comfort of your home for a few hundred bucks.

My Blue Eyed Girl was inspired by the joyous wonder of my little girl, and the hope that her future would be as bright as the twinkle in her eye! This was the first song that I used StudioPros for – I had them mix the track. I’ve never been thrilled with the vocals on this track and the instrumentation could be improved on, but the mix sounded pretty good … I was definitely getting closer to a more professional sound. My wife sings backup on this with me. My favorite part of this song is the video. I had a lot of fun using a variety of digital tools, and the cool photo effects available at, to make it.

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My Blue Eyed Girl (and Continuous Improvement)

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