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Reaching New Heights With ALOFT

After completing Hurtin’ Up My Heart, I knew I was on my way …

Having managed to produce a professional sounding track with Hurtin’ Up My Heart, I was ready to push forward and finish more record-quality songs. It wasn’t a conscious move, but in the end I was glad that the next song I finished showcased a very different side of my writing and playing.

Aloft is based on one of the first chord progressions I ever wrote, way back in the 80’s. What really moved me to finally record it was when I learned how to program the built in drums on my Korg D3200 studio workstation. When I found this Brazilian Percussion kit and started messing around with it, I just found myself jamming the Aloft chord progression over it and I was off and running.

Writing the bass track for this was a blast too. I love putting together a creative, unusual bass line that adds a whole new dimension to a composition, and I think that happened here. Once I recorded the leads (which was such a blast), the last thing that bought it all together was working with StudioPros.com to have one of their pros record a flute track.

I’ll never forget when I first listened to the completed track, and then listened again, and again and again! I wish I knew who played the flute because I would really like the thank them (StudioPros players are faceless and nameless, for various reasons, but they are very talented, real deal studio professionals).

I’m really proud of this track. I’ll remember when my wife Christine first listened to it and pronounced it “Amazing!” I have to agree – this is a real highlight of my musical undertakings so far. I look forward to producing more tracks of this quality in the future, but this song is always going to be a beautiful, soaring, slowly building moment in time that I can relive over and over each time I hear it. I hope it moves you too.

The video is a simple one, consisting of pictures of birds in flight that I assembled using the ‘timeline’ style tool Vuvox, which is now no longer available on the Internet (image sources are all identified in the video).


Reaching New Heights With ALOFT

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