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Playing Guitar

ActiveMelody: This has become my favorite YouTube guitar educator. Brian is a great guitar player who shares tons of great videos that can help you learn very useful techniques, for free. He does have a paid service as well, providing tabs and more. Here is his YouTube channel: and here is his web site:

GuitarJamz: I had so much fun with Marty Schwartz’s Blues Lessons! You can try these for free (Marty also has like a zillion free lessons on YouTube – see the next resource below). GuitarJamz is not just blues – there are lessons in theory, Country, beginner lessons, and much more. As I write this in early 2020, it costs $139 a year to subscribe and as long as you are going to spend time with the lessons it is very much worth.

Marty Music: Marty Schwartz has shared over a 1,000 lessons on YouTube (some from him, some from others) and adds new lessons all the time. And they’re all FREE! Check it out:

Absolute Blues Guitar: Bobby Harrison is a great blues teacher. As of early 2020, membership costs $20 a month (and you can stop any time you want). You can also find lots of these lessons on YouTube for free.

Elite Backing Tracks: These are awesome! Lots of great tracks to jam over, in different styles.

Other Favorite Guitar Lesson YouTubers:


Recording, Engineering, Producing

  • Aaron Davison’s How to Licence Your Music: Aaron has compiled an extensive set of courses that can help musicians not only learn about music licensing but also learn about mixing and mastering and much more. HTLYM Premium membership comes in two flavors, Intermediate ($197/year), or Pro ($497/year). There is a lot here – multiple formal courses, tons of webinars, resources, and more. The mixing and mastering course from inspiring producer Gary Gray is outstanding. If you want a taste of the music licensing course content, you can get Aaron’s free, four hour audio/video course, “How To Make Money Writing Music For TV/Films & Ads” here
  • Rick Beato’s “Everything Music” channel: Rick’s work stretches across numerous musical topics. Here is his Music Production playlist (40+ vids). 
  • ProducerTech: I’ve been working through the Reason bundles, since that is the DAW (Digital Audio Workshop for those unfamiliar with the term) from Producer Tech, but there are courses on a bunch of other DAWs, a bunch of Skills course (mastering, theory, etc.) and Genre courses. Full access costs 9.99 pounds per month (about US $13). I’ve learned a ton about Reason already (after using it on and off for about 8 year!) and I have only finished a few of the courses in the bundle. I’ve also reached out to instructor Rob Jones with numerous questions and he has provided quick, very helpful feedback.  
  • The Kaotica Eyeball: I learned about this from Gary Gray in the mixing and mastering course that is part of the HTLYM bundle I mention about. This is a sphere-shaped foam device that goes over a microphone and has a round opening in the front with a pop filter in it. The idea is that prevents sounds from anywhere other than right in front of the mic from entering the mic, helping to prevent extraneous noises from polluting your vocal tracks. It wasn’t cheap (the version I got cost $200), but I feel that it was totally worth it. 
  • Pink Noise: This video from MakeYourOwnDamnMusic explains how to use Pink Noise to get a perfect EQ balance in your tracks and mixes:
  • ProduceLikeaPro YouTube Channel:


Music Theory