What's New (or Old)?

From time to time I'll throw something different up here for fun! Could be a blast from the past vid, something by another artist, a new cover, who knows? Here's my "quarentine cover" of a great Tull tune from the 1980's! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd0D_r9MGA0

Selected Songs and Videos

Keeping The Dream Alive

At long last, 2+ years after releasing my EP Keeping the Dream Alive, I've finished a video for it! Yes, I kept the dream alive and worked on this a little here and a little there from time to time. I hope you find inspiration from the spirit of this rock instrumental. Keep those dreams alive my friends

Lotto Dust

I used the comic strip application Pixton to create Willy and to illustrate much of the story that is Lotto Dust. I think it turned out pretty cool. After you check out the video, the story of how the song came about is kind of interesting - check it out here!


A simple video for a beautiful, soaring song. This is my proudest musical accomplishment. I want it played at my funeral. Seriously. Paradoxically, that thought fills me with joy.

Hurtin' Up My Heart

This video was such a blast to create. The coolest part is where my son Ian used Adobe After Effects to make me rise up out of the iPad (and then later I’m jamming on the moon)! This song is on the EP Keeping the Dream Alive.

Pass It On

This is a song I recorded a long time ago (1996!), and sonically it leaves a bit to be desired, but it's cool jam, and the video has had over 10,000 views. I have to confess, I should have noted the sources of the video clips here, but I was new to the whole video/content/web tech thing and didn't have the foresight to do so (everyone should always cite sources when they borrow content from across the web!).

My Blue Eyed Girl

I love this video. I combined images and video with digital overlays and used fun free tools like Fotofunia.com to make clips that place pictures of my adorable young daughter in different places and formats. I love the balance of artful uses of technology with really hoaky approaches (and I love my darling, smiling little girl)!

This was also special to me in that it's the first song I had Christine join me on for the chorus. The song itself is not recorded quite as well I would have liked (it's a very early effort as I was working through "recording studio 2.0"), but it's still beautiful!

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