Writing a New Song is Like Falling in Love all Over Again!

It struck me today that the energy and feeling that comes with writing a new song feels a lot like falling in love: floating on a cloud of hope and wonder, inspired by creative surges, feeling like life is so full of possibilities!

Remember that incredible, joyful feeling when you found someone special who seemed to think you were special too? It’s one of the most amazing experiences a human being can have. Falling head-over-heels, cascading through emotional joy, wearing a happy smile, and humming a happy tune. 

I’ve also been one of the fortunate ones who ultimately found my life-long love, which brings a new depth to this emotion, especially each time the roots grow a little deeper over the years. 

So how does this compare to writing music? If you are a songwriter or a musician who contributes to the songwriting process, you know the feeling. These three minute miracles are like a new love. They’re also our little love-children. As you work through the process and careen from one idea to another, you’re riding a rollercoaster of expression, emotion, and excitement.

Falling in love brings a sense of intense joy, a feeling that all-is-right with the world. I experience the same rush when a new musical idea forms and I start to give it shape with my guitar, my voice, and the powerful digital recording tools I use to shape my sound. 

Even those first moments as a melody or a lyric is born in your brain feels like a flood of dopamine, much like a first kiss, a returned smile, a new touch.

Of course, just as with love, it isn’t all roses and wine, but the little bumps in the road make the more productive parts of the journey that much more enjoyable.

Okay, gotta run now – something I just saw sparked a song idea! I’m falling in love all over again… 

Writing a New Song is Like Falling in Love all Over Again!

2 thoughts on “Writing a New Song is Like Falling in Love all Over Again!

  1. Hello there Chris Walker! I assume you saw the picture of your artwork from 1986 out on the home page? Classic! Hope all is well! Rock on!

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