What's New (or Old)?

Another brand new song! The World-Premiere Music Industry Release of a new track titled "Liam Neeson" (c)2021. This song is a Texas blues-influenced rock instrumental (think ZZ Top) with a progressive edge, co-produced and engineered by award-winning producer/engineer Gary Gray. The track taps into the persona of the well-known actor Liam Neeson and his tough-guy roles, combining crunchy, driving guitars with a percussive energy (perfect for a film soundtrack or commercial ... I'm just saying!).

Hand Me Your Heart is officially published! Produced working with award winning composer, producer, and engineer Gary Gray, Hand Me Your Heart is about the challenges and beauty of a life-long love - "it ain't all roses and it ain't all wine, but it's as sweet as ever it could be..." (with a sly wink and a nod to my Christine's fascination with Halloween).

Keeping The Dream Alive

I hope you find inspiration from the spirit of this rock instrumental. Keeping The Dream Alive is the title of my 2014 EP, and what I do every day as I strive to work on completing a full length record, and other key goals in life. Keep those dreams alive my friends!

Lotto Dust

I used the comic strip application Pixton to create Willy and to illustrate much of the story that is Lotto Dust. I think it turned out pretty cool. After you check out the video, the story of how the song came about is kind of interesting - check it out here!



A simple video for a beautiful, soaring song. At the time I released this, I would have to say it was my proudest musical accomplishment thus far (but I've been learning and working hard ever since and some of the new work in progress easily vies for that title!). BTW, I want this played at my funeral please. Seriously. Paradoxically, that thought fills me with joy.

Hurtin' Up My Heart

This video was such a blast to create. The coolest part is where my son Ian used Adobe After Effects to make me rise up out of the iPad (and then later I’m jamming on the moon)! This song is on the EP Keeping the Dream Alive.

My cover of a great Tull tune from 1987's Crest of A Knave...

K Walsh and the Sizzling Mice Quartet pic
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