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Walsh's catchy compositions and hook-driven songs are clearly influenced by roots and blues rock, while always showcasing his own style. We hear echoes of Clapton, Gilmour, Santana and other legends from his guitar while his songwriting taps into the work of beloved artists from B.B. King to ZZ Top. Soul-searching stories of love and life offer humor, joy, sadness and powerful imagery, tapping into the essence of what it is to be ...
you and me.

New Day

This original lo-fi hip hop influenced instrumental features the wonderful sax playing of David Fogel. Much thanks to my producer Gary Gray who helped me shape the song sonically. Percussion, Pads, Bass, and Guitars by yours truly. Welcome to a New Day!

You and Me

This song started as a lyric piece, but I ultimately decided to go with just the happy, bouncy instrumental, which lends itself very well to sync licensing for commercials and other streaming media. I had a lot of fun putting this video together as a companion piece. Lots of puppers playing, including two of my own favorite canine rock stars - my producer's pups, Emma and Jake (they are shown in the video thumbnail below, excitedly gazing at some turtles)! A shoutout to my producer Gary Gray, as always, for his life changing guidance and help!

Take Me Back

This is a song I wrote about... love, change, aging, sorrow, baptism, death, joy, youth, nature, strength, you, me, beauty, life, anguish, rest, friendship, mom, dad, my brothers, my lake, the woods I grew up in, my wife, my children, a prayer of gratitude, and hope for tomorrow...


The Oceans of Titan

It is incredibly exciting to have the honor of collaborating with Producer, Mentor, and Sculptor of Sound Gary Gray, TEAM Founder and CEO, on this recording (and more to come)! Gary and I are working on a production album we intend to title Guitar Voyages. This song started out as a minimalistic guitar meditation piece, but when Gary heard the David Gilmour-inspired sounds I had played, he decided to build an arrangement in homage to Pink Floyd. This song has been licensed non-exclusively for the upcoming AI Documentary: AI and The Music Industry: The Great, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (and is available for further non-exclusive licensing). Come explore The Oceans of Titan!

Honest Abe

Inspired by the songs of Mark Knopfler, I sat down one day to write a character-based song. Hmm? Who would I write about? It didn’t take very long for me to settle on a personal hero – Abraham Lincoln. As a child, I was fascinated by “Honest Abe”.

While history has undoubtedly mythologized Lincoln to some degree, and cast aside possible character flaws, there are plenty of reasons why Lincoln is one of our most favorably remembered leaders. Lincoln led a torn nation through one of its most challenging periods. The “Great Emancipator” is perhaps most notably admired for his vital role in turning America from treating people inhumanly to being a beacon of hope by bringing politicians together to pass the 13th Amendment and end the horror of slavery.

Lincoln rose from a humble background to become a shining star in a world that so often needs heroic figures to inspire us to be the best we can be. I found the example of Lincoln in our history books to be an incredible inspiration and an admirable example that humanity should strive to emulate.

Laid Back

I recently collaborated with painist and composer Dan Schrieber, a fellow TEAM member. Dan reached out and asked if I would play some guitar on a track he was working on called "Laid Back". I was delighted to give it a go! A few months down the road, Dan reached back and shared the track he had created working with Producer and TEAM founder Gary Gray, and I was blown away! They had re-worked the song around my guitar track and produced a beautiful, chill track that I just love! Dan's awesome keyboard solo is a real highlight for me! I hope you enjoy it (no fancy image here, just a great instrumental track)! Executive Producer Gary Gray, Founder and CEO of Transcend Entertainment and Music (TEAM) and Voting Member of the Grammy® Recording Academy.

Fly, Fly Away

Producer Gary Gray writes: "Announcing the World-Premiere Music Industry Release of yet another masterpiece recording by K. Walsh titled Fly, Fly Away! This jazz-influenced instrumental takes the listener on a flight of fancy over the landscape of a swinging 9-bar chord progression. Lively drums and a tight grooving bass line support the rhythm and the masterful lead guitar work that tell the musical story of this jamming journey. Come Fly, Fly Away! Featuring the inimitable Ian Arthur Newman on bass and drums. Executive Producer Gary Gray, Founder and CEO of Transcend Entertainment and Music (TEAM) and Voting Member of the Grammy® Recording Academy."

Liam Neeson

This song is a Texas blues-influenced rock instrumental (think ZZ Top) with a progressive edge, co-produced and engineered by award-winning producer/engineer Gary Gray. The track taps into the persona of the well-known actor Liam Neeson and his tough-guy roles, combining crunchy, driving guitars with a percussive energy (perfect for a film soundtrack or commercial ... I'm just saying!).

Hand Me Your Heart

Produced working with award winning composer, producer, and engineer Gary Gray, Hand Me Your Heart is about the challenges and beauty of a life-long love - "it ain't all roses and it ain't all wine, but it's as sweet as ever it could be..." (with a sly wink and a nod to my Christine's fascination with Halloween).

Songs from my 2014 EP - Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping The Dream Alive

I hope you find inspiration from the spirit of this rock instrumental. Keeping The Dream Alive is the title of my 2014 EP, and what I do every day as I strive to work on completing a full length record, and other key goals in life. Keep those dreams alive my friends!

Lotto Dust

I used the comic strip application Pixton to create Willy and to illustrate much of the story that is Lotto Dust. I think it turned out pretty cool. After you check out the video, the story of how the song came about is kind of interesting - check it out here!


A simple video for a beautiful, soaring song. At the time I released this, I would have to say it was my proudest musical accomplishment thus far (but I've been learning and working hard ever since and some of the new work in progress easily vies for that title!). BTW, I want this played at my funeral please. Seriously. Paradoxically, that thought fills me with joy.

Hurtin' Up My Heart

This video was such a blast to create. The coolest part is where my son Ian used Adobe After Effects to make me rise up out of the iPad (and then later I’m jamming on the moon)! This song is on the EP Keeping the Dream Alive.

My cover of a great Tull tune from their outstanding 1995 LP Roots to Branches...

K Walsh and the Sizzling Mice Quartet pic

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